About Us

All Zimbabwe News (AZN) is a one stop for all Zimbabwe news. AZN is a subsidiary of a Zimbabwe registered company that mainly publishes local news, opinions, updates and associated information to inform the wider public , local, national , international and all our readers 24/7 . AZN was set up in 2020 but we have been in the online news publishing business since 2006. We provide unbiased transmission of news and related information based on Honourable, Open, Noble, Exceptional, Smart, Transparent (HONEST) principles. As of now we provide web based publishing only and we cover all Zimbabwe news on our platform. Our news platform has various categories which cover a lot of news varied enough to meet the different interests and choices of our readers. We started publishing web based news in 2006 partnering with Zimbabwe Online Press, Zimbabwe News Network, Zimbabwe Leaks, Zimbabwe Press Online and Zimbabwe News Planet which is a 2020 addition to the family. The partnering news platforms are stand alone web based entities that have been outsourced to Zimbabweans and are run by independent writers and reporters who we support with the opportunity to gain experience in news publishing using our news hubs.


Our mission is grounded in citizen journalism through access to uncensored and reliable news and information to every Zimbabwean and readers across the globe as sourced by Zimbabweans and our other readers and well wishers. Our mission is to remain the best and most trusted mouthpiece of unbiased truth as we strive to squash fake news and biased news reporting and publication that have seen a dangerous rise in misinformation and deliberate lies in Zimbabwe media. Having realised how the Zimbabwe media is biased and engage in irresponsible news publishing which borders around support and bootlicking of political parties , social entities and personalities , we decided to come up with news platforms that provide real unbiased truth covering events as they happen and not as we want them to happen. We give every Zimbabwean the opportunity to be heard and the opportunity to be known as who they are and not as what we want them to be known as. We also strive to create and maintain a media platform that boasts of creating and supporting a morally upright society. We have seen a sharp rise in hate news in Zimbabwe, news to settle personal scores and news to fulfil personal egos and agendas. We strongly feel this is unacceptable and irresponsible behaviour thus we have come up with All Zimbabwe News to ensure all news is covered and reported in an unbiased, fair and accurate manner. Inaccuracy in news reporting and hoax news has become the order of the day in Zimbabwe media. We therefore provide an HONEST platform that caters as an Honourable independent news organisation that undertakes Noble investigations, Open interrogations, Exceptional news gathering, Smart reporting and Transparent exposes of the actions of everyone without fear.


Our vision is based on respect for press freedom of which freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our vision. We believe everyone deserves access to factual and reliable information, and analysis that has authority and integrity. This is why, unlike many other Zimbabwe news platforms, print or web, we made a noble choice and smart decision to provide exceptional reporting open for all, regardless of who they are or what they do .We have commentaries, commentators and columnists on board who provide our readers with exceptional and independent comments and opinions motivated by the promotion of freedom of expression and opinion.  We are true to our vision, responsible for what we publish, accountable to our actions, transparent with our information and we strive to make our readers happy not only by providing unparalleled news gathering skills but by respecting a range of diverse voices.  As usual we strive to see thousands and millions of readers flocking to All Zimbabwe News for quality unbiased news every day. Our journalism is therefore free from political, social and commercial bias and this makes us exceptionally unique and different.



We strive to achieve HONEST objectives with no shareholders or billionaire owner but through our own personal sacrifices motivated by passion for providing socio-political unbiased news for all Zimbabweans and citizens of the world.

With the onset of the draconian law in 2002, Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (AIPPA) a controversial law that denies free access to information and a means to control the press, we find web publishing a great opportunity to enhance press freedom. The Act allows the state to limit press activity and to closely monitor those who are involved and because of this web based publication provides the majority of Zimbabweans.

In July 2020 AIPPA was scrapped and new Freedom of Information Bill signed into law. The new Freedom of Information Bill Act, is a crucial step forward in the press reform agenda, and brings Zimbabwe’s information-related laws into conformity with the Declaration of Rights in the Constitution.

As we aim to provide exceptional news our goals remain focussed on giving a voice to the oppressed and neglected, the downtrodden and needy

We stand in solidarity with those whose voices are pinned down, unheard and are calling for a brighter future in the dissemination of information.

We take pride in our determination to provide journalism that helps humanity to better understand themselves, their communities and the world, and take actions that challenge, unite, and inspire change in times of crisis and beyond